Discussion 5

Planning to implement collaboration

In this final discussion you will review the goals you have defined (see Discussion 2: Goals for collaboration) and the assets you have mapped (see Discussion 3: Assets for and constraints on collaboration). This discussion will help you begin to design a plan for moving forward.

A) Summarizing your discussions thus far

  • What have been the most important insights or conclusions from these discussions?
  • Were you mostly on the same page, or were there significant differences in opinion? What were your important areas of agreement and disagreement?
  • What concerns need more attention?
  • What questions remain unanswered, and what other information do you need?
  • What constraints and pitfalls do you need to keep in mind as you start to create a more collaborative workplace?

B) Moving forward with collaboration

  • Which of the goals you explored in Discussion 2 seem most compelling and important for your school?
  • Which of the assets or resources you identified in Discussion 3 are available in your school? Which do you need to access, create or obtain?
  • Which of the constraints you identified in Discussion 3 are most daunting? Which will you address first?
  • Which of the collaborative practices described in Discussion 4, if any, would be useful in your school?
  • How can you ensure that collaborative practices work for teachers of all backgrounds?
  • How can you ensure that collaborative practices work for teachers with different teaching assignments, such as different grade levels, subject areas or groups of children?
  • Who else needs to be brought into this conversation—particularly at the district level— to help you move forward?
  • How will you measure your progress? How will you celebrate success and recover from setbacks?
  • How will efforts to help teachers work more collaboratively be sustained?